Our Mission

To bring the spirit of pasture and prairie, nature walks, feathers on the ground, dusty fences, cowskulls next to coneflowers in a field, afternoon tea in china cups in the parlor, tribal dancing, a rooster crowing, barns with owls in the rafters, the saloon, the skyscraper, the nostalgia of homestead and the excitement of the old made young again.

To carry the idea of hand-crafted to the fullest sense of the word: touched by human hands at every phase of production. Each design generated by an inspired mind, each wire and clasp bent by hand, each piece assembled carefully by a patient person, bagged and packaged and shipped per order to you.

To create pieces so striking that the wearer is stopped by strangers who ask, “Where did you get that?”

To create pieces so unique that the buyer feels as if she had stumbled across a found piece, some fantastic antique at a junk shop, or a rare family heirloom handed down.

To provide customer service so astounding, so efficient, and so personalized that Early Jewelry is your favorite place to shop.

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cbrh said...

i think i missed the tribal dancing last time i was in kansas. i must see it next time i visit. x