LOLA, the acronym for Ladies of Lawrence Artwork. LOLA puts on one.night.only shows in Lawrence, Kansas highlighting creative talent in the area. Kylie started LOLA during the holiday season of 2004 to launch Early Jewelry to the Lawrence community and also showcase other females who were creating great product as well. Kylie has organized shows at least twice a year since beginning LOLA in 2004. Many talented women have participated throughout the years. Past & Present LOLA ladies: Kristen Ferrell, Kendra Herring, little bluestem, Molly Murphy, Leslie Kay, Kate Von Achen, Tina Bell, Ginger Kronk, Liz Gardner, Rachel Sudlow, Safras Designs, Maiko Kuzunishi, Kristina Briseno, KitMit, Ugly Mug, Early Jewelry, & many other great women. LOLA shows are now at smaller venues, which has lead us who organize LOLA to keep it to a small group of regular participants who are all involved with the shows process.

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