i was not going to share this...but.
This is my first experiment with imovie(a mac application). A nite alone with the computer.


we all inherit the moon said...

"i like it" : )

sunday i spent some quality-time trying to make a stupid stop motion thing on imovie and am definitely going to need some tips from you.

also, had no idea you had a blog missy.

Early Jewelry said...

hey you. wish you could swing by- we could sip iced tea on the backdeck & make imovies all weekend!! & make the music in garageband. grumble hoo hoo.

teeandtoast said...

LOL ur crazy :) i might have to copy you and do an imovie myself. OH LORD!

Sara said...

i love these rings! i bought the "b" ring today due to my singleness and broad like tendancies. great work. simple and sweet..

Early Jewelry said...

sara-so glad to hear you got the 'B' ring. thanks for letting me know. enjoy!