Friends seen @ POOL tradeshow

buckles by fosterweld (our first ever tradeshow neighbors)

Love getting to catch up with the other indie designers I have met doing the tradeshows- Love seeing them, love meeting the nice new designers. Check out these few.

Fosterweld ________(new graphic florals)
Supermaggie _______(horsie shirt)
31 Cornlane ________(little house on the prairie)
Peggy Noland_______(miss peggy-i heart mommy/baby/pastel*whoa* love her)
Mary Meyer Clothing__(so so comfycool)
Costalots sunglasses ___(totally got some of these-no resisting+the name,great)
Species by the Thousands _(hilarious drawings+short sleeve sweatshirts=tlf)
Partybots ____________(more great art on cloth)

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