Early Jewelry would like to announce that we can help reconstruct your personal vintage piece into a one of a kind item just for you. Something may be sitting in your jewelry box that you would love to rock but just don't have the time or supplies to make your new favorite. Scavenging can lead to fabulous finds at antique malls, thrift stores, estate sales, or pieces passed down from your family. Let us reinvent those finds into unique one of a kind jewelry just for you. Special, affordable, unique.

Send us your: Cuff links, clip on earrings, coins, spoons, broaches, or email me with an image of a piece you would be interested in reconstructing.

Will start posting images of possibilities which could inspire. Cost depends on materials used, time, & other specifics of a design.

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jen said...

Ky, this is such a great idea! I will definitely bring some items over soon!