busy, just plain busy

As a small business owner you are responsible for everything and sometimes bits fall to the wayside. Maybe starting a blogging endeavor in which I was to be totally on task with production every week of '09 was a ridiculous ambition. I still will attempt to complete the 300 pieces I have promised to document for 2009-as it's part of my nature to complete something I 'state'. I have been more involved with the Business/Paperwork side of Early Jewelry lately. After the craziness of May I have a newly organized studio, built new shelves, minimized, took on a Bookkeeper and a new Intern!!! Thanks again to all my great customers/blog visitors and your patience with my lack of regular posting. I love being able to design & make the jewelry that I publish on this blog. Enjoy.-kylie

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jen said...

You have been busy and the beautiful new pieces reflect that! It's good to see them up. It's important to take care of the tasks at hand so that you are able to sit back, be inspired and create.