Happy Holidays and a cheerful New Year.  We will be out of the studio from 12/23/08 - 01/02/09. The picture above is of my father, aunts, and uncle with their classmates posing with a scary looking Santa at their school 'Grandview'.  Both my father and mother went to one room schoolhouses 'til they attended high school in Kansas during the early 60's.  'Grandview' school was about a mile from the farm where I grew up, it's still standing but is getting pretty run down.  'Little House on the Prairie' gives me my main nostalgic visuals of attending a one room school, but having one right down the road made it more realistic.  When I would go to 'Grandview' as a kid my imagination would always go wild.  It was a dusty cold smelling space with chipped paint, books, desks full of carved initials, and hanging maps. I can only imagine it was a great place to spend your school days.  It was simpler then..I guess.  I just realized that in this picture all the boys are on the right, girls on the left-ha.  

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