2009 Blog Project

300 Designs: Variations & Explorations

I am excited to be focusing this blog in 2009 on a personal project, 300 Designs: Variations & Explorations.
As the facilitator of all things in the Early studio and
a few years of mass producing jewelry from my 'Collections' I have taxed my hands and brain. I need a new avenue to produce work. Not only will 300 jewelry designs be a personal goal and challenge, it allows me to post pieces which push my current designs. There are no guidelines, yet natural parameters will evolve in this process. Here's to 300 Designs in 2009, Cheers! -Kylie


jen said...

Good luck with this! I look forward to checking in often and seeing your new designs.

Anonymous said...

kylie... what a great idea!
good luck! i can't wait to see your lovely creations...